Welcome to the personal web site of Kyle Waters. I am a software developer in Draper, Utah.

My favorite book is Plato's Republic. My favorite movie is Good Night and Good Luck.

I am a supporter of the Free Software Movement. I even became the president of the local club. I also recommend you join The Electronic Frontiers Foundation. I teach classes at the Salt Lake City Library on how to use the internet to communicate more on that can be found at theUGOTTA website.

You can also browse my presentations from over the years.

More information on my views and current activities can be found on my blog.

If you are creatively challenged like me you may want to look at my Spontaneous Maker.

I have started a css/javascript resource page.

My computer geek test.

I may be contacted at unum@unum5.org

This software is licensed under the CC-GNU GPL.